Shrek 2 - Giffoni & The International Arts and Film Foundation

The International Arts & Film Foundation came into official existence upon filing the prerequisite documents as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and the State of Florida in October of 2004; the stated aim of IAFF is to:

Facilitate the public´s access to, and participation in the Arts and Film locally, regionally and internationally without regard to the cultural or socio-economic status of potential client groups. Both as participants and producers (painters, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, actors, etc.) as well as the general public attending our many planned events.

Specifically, IAFF strives to implement its mission by: providing promising talent of all ages with the resources needed (grants, scholarships, education, training, networking contacts, etc.) to secure their artistic objectives and share their creative endeavors with the general public.

On the consumer/spectator side, IAFF hopes to bring the Arts & Film to client populations who are isolated and have limited access or mobility to be able to attend art events, for example: hospitalized and/or incarcerated youth; senior citizen client groups with limited access to same because of transportation, economic or mobility issues.

“Arts-on-Wheels” is a program IAFF is currently envisioning (modelled after the popular ´Meals-on-Wheels´) to bring the Arts to their community or residential milieu.

Arts-on-Wheels Program

  • Encourage reading, writing, and the arts: By providing scholarships, hands-on training, and mentor services to aspiring young artists, the project aims to instill critical thinking and communication skills as they mature and evolve with the Arts area of choice.

  • Provide opportunities for youth voices in print, electronic, digital, audio/video media and/or spoken word performance: The “Arts-on-Wheels” project is designed to give youth exactly this type of voice through hands-on training in the on-board media-lab; by networking with community businesses, performing arts theatres and other venues, the project hopes to give real after training performance and/or job opportunities to participating youth.

  • Embrace diversity: “Arts-on-Wheels” will reach out to needy individuals of diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds; by working together in the media-lab and other training venues, participants will learn to respect others with different cultural backgrounds.

  • A similar outreach IAFF program is envisioned that will hope to serve youth and adults from ´inner-city´ and other socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

    Anthony Verde

    The Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Tony Verde, The Board of Directors, and countless volunteers are trying to secure private and public sector grants/donations to fund these ambitious outreach programs and scheduled cultural events.


    International Arts and Film Foundation and Giffoni Film Festival The IMAGINE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is a product of IAFF, and collaborated in 2005 with the world´s largest and most prestigious children-themed film festival, GIFFONI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL of Giffoni, Italy; this inaugural event took place April 18-20 of 2005, at the historic Royalty Theatre located at 405 Cleveland Street, in beautiful/quaint downtown Clearwater, Florida. The best multi-national film entries were screened at this famous theatre, where stars such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, and many others, performed during its incredible one-hundred year history. Please visit our Upcoming Events web page on this same website for further information on IIFF.

    Giffonella an orphaned kitten and the mascot of IAFF

    This is Giffonella, an orphaned kitten from the city of Giffoni Valle Piana, in the Campania Region of Italy.

    IAFF´s Mascot Giffonella

    During the 2004 Giffoni Film Festival that was held there, she was found starving in the parking lot adjacent to the Monastery of San Francesco. Canadian actor Matthew Harbour who was attending the Festival for the presentation of his movie,´ Daniel and the Superdogs ´, rescued her and took her back to his hotel, He named her Giffonella after Giffoni.

    As Matt tried to find her a good home, all the hotel staff at the Lloyd´s Baia as well most of the local residents and the Giffoni Film Festival visitors came to know Giffonella − who attended every event with him in her leather pouch. She became somewhat of a celebrity in her own right and got her share of paparazzi and journalists. After ´Daniel and the Superdogs´ won the Grifone d´Oro, the first prize in the First Screens Section, Giffonella became his good luck charm.

    International Arts and Film Foundation´s Mascot Giffonella the Cat

    Matt adopted her and brought her back to Canada. She has gained some nicknames such as Giffy because she is so fast and Giffy Pop because she likes popping over the furniture.

    Giffonella now travels the world as a goodwill ambassador to all children of all countries with him.

    This is her ongoing story.